Get Prepared NOW with Vital Survival

When you buy Vital Survival, you will learn...

  • The Essential Gear You Need to Survive

  • Personal Group Security & Situational Awareness

  • Essential First Aid

  • Sheltering In Place & On The Move

  • Food & Water Procurement

  • Communication & Critical Decision Making

  • Vital Survival Manual -- an essential resource for preparing & during a crisis

  • Vital Gear List and Carrying Options, like Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags, and more

  • Making A Fire In Any Condition

  • Intro to Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Wild Plants

  • Longterm Water & Food Storage -- get prepared NOW


This course could save your life, and the lives of your loved ones.


Every person can master the skills of disaster survival when equipped with the right knowledge, skills, tactics, and gear. 


Ditch the complacency of modern life and get prepared NOW with Vital Survival.



Vital Survival is a living, breathing course -- we will be updating and adding to it regularly, and you get all future updates included at the low price of $297


Lock in the unlimited access and 30 day money-back guarantee today!

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What Our Students Have To Say About Vital Survival

I enjoy several things about the course, one being it's always there when I have time to go through a lesson. I can go at my own pace and go back over a lesson or point to get the info in my head.


The info is concise and to the point without a lot of "fluff".


The info is realistic and usable...


Also your attitude and demeanor are very genuine and honest. That comes across in the presentations.   


I believe this course would benefit anyone from novice to experienced in handling an emergency.


Many Thanks and hope to see you down the trail!



Vital Survival Course starts with "Being Self Reliant", and ends with Disaster Readiness.


Vital Survival Course is about Solutions not Sales.


I have talked highly of the course to others, and how Vital Survival Course will keep you from being part of a problem to being a resource for your family.


Great job on the videos, you can tell it was not 10 minutes with a smart phone in your back yard (like some).



We have utilized this class as an addition to our homeschool curriculum.


It has allowed us to go through our First aid kit and survival kits as a family.


I would definitely suggest this for a family who is unable to attend live classes.


I still think a live class will be better to hear from the instructor face to face with real time applications.


I look forward to eventually attending a live class.



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